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PETZTOPIA is a pets friendly cafe located at The Strand Kota Damansara. This is a one-stop leisure centre that combines food, coffee, pet merchandise, pet grooming & boarding services.

We provide the professional & affordable pet grooming services that include basic and full packages as well as spa. Our professional groomers will take professional cares of your fur kids and will groom your fur kids base on your preference into a modern and fashionable style.

We also provide excellent boarding services. Ease your stress by letting your fur kids to board at our pets hotel where it would be handled by professional staffs with healthy diet as well as spacious activities area. A wide range of pets’ foods, accessories and equipment could also be found at our space.

Petztopia Grooming Services & Package

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  • Hair Brushing, plucking of ear hair (if applicable)
  • under belly trimming, shave paws pad
  • ear cleaning, loose hair removal
  • Ear trimming / Ear hair plug
  • Pet trimming & styling Package
  • Pet Shower - Wash & Dry only. (Only for small & medium breed)
  • Paw trimming
  • Nail trimming
  • Face touch up

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